Allysa grew up in Southern Oregon, where she loved the outdoors and spent her time running in the flower fields, accompanied by her Labrador, Duke. Catching frogs and riding her pony, Mickey. Later on, sketching shoes inspired by all the things she loved about nature. Even as a child her innate sense of style led naturally to many different artistic outlets. 

After high school, she worked as a stylist, to save enough money to venture out into the world, and travel the globe. With international cities and villages as her classroom, she gained an appreciation for the richness of cultural diversity, that would later on, be reflected in her designs. While standing in a Beverly Hills, luxury retailer, she found herself frustrated with the lack of options for a comfortable, beautiful pair of ballerina flats. Being a self proclaimed "heel girl" she decided it was time to design her own. 

A million miles later after crisscrossing the globe to source for her designs from the highest quality materials, the finest leathers — Exotic Python and even Diamond Dusted Crocodile — Allysa now embarks on her final chapter. After several years of dreaming, planning, and designing her collections, she is now sharing her vision, passion and love with the world.

Allysa Payne Beverly Hills is the culmination of a childhood dream. For Allysa, it was about sharing what she believed was missing in the world of Ultra-Luxury Footwear, Handbags and Pet Accessories. Her collections are a work of art born from the finest materials the world has to offer and handcrafted together by the greatest artisan craftsmen in Italy.

Her passion and love of nature, dogs, fashion, different cultures, and a globally inspired lifestyle, is the essence of Allysa Payne Beverly Hills. Her collections are a celebration of different cultures, experiences, people, and a great love for her Standard Poodle, Sebastian. Her dream Poodle, since she was a child. Sebastian is the leading source of inspiration, behind the AP Poodle Handle Handbag Collection & Luxury Pet Fashion. 

From Dubai to Dallas, Beverly Hills to Bologna, Allysa Payne now presents her collections to the world, humbled, proud and grateful … just like that little girl from Southern Oregon.